What We Do

I was the neighborhood kid who mowed everybody’s lawn.  I got to see a lot of Valley yards up close and personal.  And while I can’t give you the Latin name for most plants, I have developed a passion and an eye for how shape, space and composition come together to make a great looking yard.

Nineteen years ago I graduated from always having the nicest yard in the neighborhood to helping Valley homeowners have the nicest yard in their neighborhood.

We design, install and stand behind Arizona landscapes and hardscapes for residential homes

  • Renovations and new
  • Landscapes (plant selection and installation, irrigation and lighting systems)
  • Hardscapes (patios, outdoor kitchens, decking, walkways, walls, water features, fire pits, masonry projects of any kind)

We Design

We’ll come up with ideas based on what we spoke about and your budget. In fact, we pride ourselves in delivering far more than people expect for the budget they have.

We Listen

We don’t expect you to have a complete idea of what you want when we sit down to talk. What don’t you like about what you see now? What have you seen that you like in other yards or magazines? What’s your budget? Let’s talk about it.

We Install

And by “we” and mean WE. I’ll be in your yard just about every day of the job. I design it and I sweat the details.

We Stand Behind Our Work

Before any work is done or money changes hands you’ll know what your warranties are. And, we don’t disappear after the job is done. Things will need adjusting, soil will settle and you’ll have questions. Whether it’s a lighting timer or sprinkler head needing a turn or a plant that just isn’t happy, we’ll be there to make sure you are. Happy, that is.

Let’s talk about creating the nicest yard in YOUR neighborhood!  Call 480-893-0133 or email me at chris@artesianlandscaping.com.

Chris Ford