Since 1996, Valley homeowners have trusted us to design, install and stand behind landscapes and hardscapes that are both beautiful and affordable!

Hardscape – walls, new or renovated walkways or decking, gazebos and any type of masonry element – is an aspect of Arizona outdoor design that is under-utilized in my profession. Because, well, it’s hard. Used well, hardscape architectural elements can make a small space bigger, add intimacy to a large space, draw the eye and add utility to an unused area of your yard. Hardscape doesn’t mean the absence of  green, it simply (and importantly) ADDS the elements of walkways, walls, etc., to guide the eye and enrich the landscape environment you desire.

We “get” hardscape! water-n-fire-com-2

If you’re here educating yourself about hardscape, browse through the images of what we’ve done, but don’t be afraid to call and talk to Chris.  He loves to talk landscape, especially hardscape.  And educating yourself is the first real step toward envisioning and then realizing the yard of your dreams.

Chris, by the way, was the neighborhood kid who mowed everybody’s lawn.  He got to see a lot of Valley yards up close and personal.  Nineteen years ago he graduated from always having the nicest yard in the neighborhood to helping Valley homeowners have the nicest yard in their neighborhood.  And while he can’t always give you the Latin name for a plant, his passion and eye for how shape, space and composition come together to make him a generous resource for knowledge.

We design, install and stand behind Arizona landscapes and hardscapes for residential homes:

Renovations and new

Landscapes (plant selection and installation, irrigation and lighting systems)

Hardscapes (patios, outdoor kitchens, decking, walkways, walls, water features, fire pits, masonry projects of any kind)

Let’s talk about creating the nicest yard in YOUR neighborhood!  Call 480-893-0133 or email me at chris@artesianlandscaping.com.