Outdoor Kitchen

There is no better place to be than in your backyard or on your patio, cooking.

outdoor-com-10We’ve been designing and building outdoor kitchens and BBQs for the past 19 years in the Valley. In fact, it’s probably the best thing we do.  We understand…

Will you want to sit around it? Smoker, gas or charcoal, or all three??  The space must blend with its surroundings — it must integrate with the rest of the yard.  We’ll work with you on these and many other questions that drive design, cost and, most importantly, your enjoyment for years to come.

BUT, keep one thing in mind when you shop for the right landscape contractor to do a project that includes an outdoor kitchen:

Designing and building an outdoor kitchen/BBQ is fundamentally different than just about every other type of landscaping work. It involves building with wood, stucco, counter-tops, etc.  It requires close-tolerance fit and finish. This is very different than planting trees.  Again, this is probably the thing we’re best at.  These spaces are often the center pieces of the backyards we create.

outdoor-com-4From simple to elaborate, we can build you what you want, and help you design around your budget.  Plus, we can help you avoid those choices that seem great today, but turn out to be mistakes five years from now.  Think the “right” sounding brand of BBQ, frig or sink that isn’t really a long-lasting brand.  Ditto for popular materials for counter tops and the big question, “Do we want shade??”

If you’re here educating yourself about outdoor kitchens and BBQs, browse through the images of what we’ve done below, but don’t be afraid to call and talk to Chris.  He loves to talk landscape, especially outdoor kitchens and BBQs.  And educating yourself is the first real step toward envisioning and then realizing the backyard of your dreams.

Chris, by the way, was the neighborhood kid who mowed everybody’s lawn.  He got to see a lot of Valley yards up close and personal.  Nineteen years ago he graduated from always having the nicest yard in the neighborhood to helping Valley homeowners have the nicest yard in their neighborhood.  And while he can’t always give you the Latin name for a plant, his passion and eye for how shape, space and composition come together to make him a generous resource for knowledge.

We design, install and stand behind Arizona landscapes and hardscapes for residential homes:

Renovations and new

Landscapes (plant selection and installation, irrigation and lighting systems)

Hardscapes (patios, outdoor kitchens, decking, walkways, walls, water features, fire pits, masonry projects of any kind)

Let’s talk about creating the nicest yard in YOUR neighborhood!  Call 480-893-0133 or email me atchris@artesianlandscaping.com.

Let’s talk about creating the nicest yard in
YOUR neighborhood!